Business Acquisitions & Sales

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Another subset of “business law” that I practice is business acquisitions and sales. Essentially, I represent any person or entity that is buying or selling a business. This includes whether you are buying or selling the shares or units of the corporation or limited liability company or whether you are buying or selling the assets of the business only.

I can help you complete you due diligence. If you are buying this includes a thorough review of the finances of the business, any debts or liabilities of the business, the quality of the assets, the quality of the customer base and the value of the goodwill. If you are selling this primarily includes confirming that you are receiving market price and that, if accepting payments, that you are secured.

I can then assist you with reviewing or drafting a purchase and sale agreement that meets your needs. In addition to the basic terms, we can consider whether the owner will stay on for a period to help you transition, if a non-compete or non-solicitation agreement is appropriate, how exactly any website, telephone numbers, etc. will be transferred, and, if the business leases space, how the lease will be transferred or sublet.

After the agreement is signed, we can take care of any contingencies including financing or inspections. Once those are met we can set up closing and exchange any remaining documents and payments. We can also set up escrow depending upon the parties’ wishes.

I have helped with the purchase and sale of restaurants, construction companies, retail stores and more. I have helped small to large businesses and would love to help you with your purchase or sale.