Business Law Articles:

Choosing a Business Structure
How to Set Up a Corporation In Washington
Uses For LLC
How to Collect on a Judgment
Contract Drafting and Review
Business Acquisitions and Sales
Business Litigation
Business Organization and Structure
Business Formation

Construction Law Articles:

How to File a Lien in Washington
How to File a Lien in Oregon
Lien Claims
How to Get Licensed and Registered as a Contractor in Washington State
Construction Bonds In Washington
Filing a Claim Against a Washington Registration Bond
Filing a Claim Against an Oregon License Bond
Filing a Claim Against License Bond of Electrical or Telecommunication Contractor
Filing a Claim Against a Contractor’s Payment Bond
Filing a Claim Against Contract Retainage
Delay Claims in Washington

Real Estate Law Articles:

Negotiating a Workout
Options for Home Loan Modifications
What to Expect When Applying For HAMP
Alternatives to Foreclosure
Washington State Foreclosure Fairness Act
Dealing With Collection Actions
How to Buy a Home
Homeowners Associations Basics
Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreements
Home Loan Modifications
Selling a Home Without a Realtor

Estate Planning & Probate Articles:

What to Expect when Probating a Will
How to Prepare for an Estate Planning Consultation
Do I Need a Power of Attorney?