Construction Law in Vancouver, WA

We are Construction Law Attorneys in Vancouver, WA for General Contractors, Engineers, Owners, Developers, Subcontractors, and Suppliers in all phases of construction projects.

Our representation includes contractor registration, contract drafting, contract disputes, contract terminations for cause and convenience, design and defect issues, bond and lien claims, and delay and impact claims.

Preparing and filing claims as well as handling all stages of negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation. Our attorneys deal with not only the private sector but government contracts and administrative claims.

We have represented clients from general contractors repairing bridges on Highway 101 to landscape maintenance companies working on the WSU Vancouver campus from welders, painters, roofers and everyone in between. We have helped clients working on both private and public works projects. In short, if you work in the construction industry, we can help!

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