How Do I Do a Small Probate Affidavit?

How Do I Do a Small Probate Affidavit? A small probate affidavit is a fast and inexpensive method of probating an estate. Instead of petitioning the court for a probate and drafting numerous pleadings and notices, an executor may simply mail notice to heirs then sign an affidavit and he or she can then administer the estate. As the name suggests, the [...]

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A Basic Will

This is the first of several blogs concerning estate planning. We will cover basic wills and trusts as well as power of attorneys and advanced health care directives. A [...]

Lien Filing Services in Washington or Oregon

Lien Filing Services in Washington or Oregon If you find that your construction company files numerous liens in Washington or Oregon you may consider hiring a lien filing [...]

Power of Attorney vs. Advanced Health Care Directive

One question I often get asked is: What is the difference between a power of attorney and an advanced health care directive? A power of attorney is a document that gives [...]

Pre-Lien Notice

Pre-Lien Notice A common question that I get asked is whether a contractor needs to give notice before filing a lien. The answer is yes. Any contractor performing work on [...]

Washington’s New Adverse Possession Law

Washington’s New Adverse Possession Law Recently, Washington adopted RCW 7.28.083 which allows the court to award the prevailing parting in an adverse possession claim [...]

Attorney Fees on Bond Claims

Attorney Fees on Bond Claims As I indicated in previous posts, if you are a homeowner and file suit against a contractor in Washington, you can attach their contractor’s [...]


Back to Articles List My clients often bring me easements to review. If an easement is recorded and runs with the land it will be enforceable no matter how old it is. Some [...]

Real Estate Purchase & Sale Agreements

Back to Articles List I often get calls from prospective clients looking to close a real estate transaction without a realtor. Typically, the seller has already found a [...]

Home Loan Modifications

Back to Articles List From early 2009 until the present, I have helped numerous home owners stay in their homes by modifying the terms of their loan. Throughout the last [...]

Selling a Home Without a Realtor

Back to Articles List Lately I have been receiving many calls on purchasers or sellers who are not represented by a realtor that want help in closing a real estate deal. On [...]