Lien Claims

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I handle all aspects of filing liens in both Oregon and Washington. I have several articles in the “Articles” section of my website explaining the exact steps you will need to file a lien.

I assist general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, vendors and employees who have supplied labor or materials on a project and have not receive timely payment. I advise my clients on what notices they will need to send both before and after the project to preserve their lien rights. Often the mere filing of a lien is enough of a catalyst to get productive settlement discussions going. If it is not, I am able to file a suit to foreclose the lien (which often accompanies claims for breach of contract and/or unjust enrichment) and move the process along. If the matters settles, or is otherwise resolved, I can assist in recording the appropriate release of lien documents.

I also represent homeowners or project owners who are dealing with liens that have been filed against their properties that are either frivolous or not completely accurate. I can assist owners in bonding around a lien. This is a process wherein the owner obtains a bond in exchange for the removal of the lien. This allows the property to be unencumbered while giving the claimant security in the form of a bond.