A Basic Will

This is the first of several blogs concerning estate planning. We will cover basic wills and trusts as well as power of attorneys and advanced health care directives. A basic will is the document that will determine where your estate will go upon your passing. The basic will identifies the testator (the person whose will … Read More

Lien Filing Services in Washington or Oregon

If you find that your construction company files numerous liens in Washington or Oregon you may consider hiring a lien filing service. Such a service will provide all the applicable pre-lien notices, draft and record a claim of lien and send the required post-lien notices to the owner and general contractor (if any). You can … Read More

Power of Attorney vs. Advanced Health Care Directive

One question I often get asked is: What is the difference between a power of attorney and an advanced health care directive? A power of attorney is a document that gives someone the ability to make decisions during your lifetime. The person you appoint to make decisions is called the attorney in fact. The attorney … Read More

Pre-Lien Notice

A common question that I get asked is whether a contractor needs to give notice before filing a lien. The answer is yes. Any contractor performing work on four or fewer residential units when the contract price is greater than $1,000.00 or performing work on a commercial building when the contract price is between $1,000.00 … Read More

Washington’s New Adverse Possession Law

Recently, Washington adopted RCW 7.28.083 which allows the court to award the prevailing parting in an adverse possession claim their attorney fees and costs. Prior to this law, a party involved in an adverse possession action had to pay their own attorney fees. Adverse possession cases often involve small strips of land so it would … Read More

Attorney Fees on Bond Claims

As I indicated in previous posts, if you are a homeowner and file suit against a contractor in Washington, you can attach their contractor’s registration bond. This bond will be $12,000.00 if the contractor is a general contractor and $6,000.00 if the contractor is a specialty contract. A specialty contractor is a contractor that only … Read More