Selling a Home Without a Realtor

Back to Articles List Lately I have been receiving many calls on purchasers or sellers who are not represented by a realtor that want help in closing a real estate deal. On a standard transaction I will draft the initial offer and any counteroffers. I’ll then draft a Purchase & Sale Agreement along with all … Read More

Lien Claims

Back to Articles List I handle all aspects of filing liens in both Oregon and Washington. I have several articles in the “Articles” section of my website explaining the exact steps you will need to file a lien. I assist general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, vendors and employees who have supplied labor or materials on a … Read More

Contract Drafting & Review

Back to Articles List I often help my business clients with drafting or reviewing and revising their contracts. My litigation experience gives me great insight on what clauses are most effective at accomplishing your goals and limiting your liability. One of the most important contracts I draft is the operating agreement or bylaws of a … Read More

Business Acquisitions & Sales

Back to Articles List Another subset of “business law” that I practice is business acquisitions and sales. Essentially, I represent any person or entity that is buying or selling a business. This includes whether you are buying or selling the shares or units of the corporation or limited liability company or whether you are buying … Read More

Business Litigation

Back to Articles List Business Litigation. A large part of my practice is devoted to litigation and in particular business litigation. This can be a very broad category and can involve nearly any claim filed against or by a business including breach of contract, non-compete issues, lease disputes, etc. Another topic of litigation that I … Read More

Business Organization & Structure

Back to Articles List One of the services I provide is helping with business organization and structure. This generally occurs when we are first forming your business but also when you bring on new members or shareholders to an existing business or acquire large assets or are otherwise restructuring. A few examples of this include: … Read More